Patient Information

Ash Prabhudesai

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  • We are recognised by all major health insurance providers, and we also see self pay patients.
  • At your first visit, Mr Prabhudesai will have a detailed discussion with you about your medical history and examine you as appropriate. This may take up to 30 minutes.
  • Confidentiality is diligently maintained throughout your journey with us. Information is shared with third parties only with your express consent. However information will be shared within the healthcare team (such as anaesthetists, gastroenterologists, physicians, as appropriate) to ensure you get the best quality of care and for your safety. If you have any objections, please discuss these during the consultation.
  • Following the consultation, Mr Prabhudesai will send a letter setting out details of his assessment to your General Practitioner (GP). A copy of this letter will also be sent to you within the next 5 working days, unless you expressly opt out. Should you not wish to receive this, please inform Mr Prabhudesai during the consultation.
  • Should you agree, Mr Prabhudesai would also wish to have email contact with you to expedite sharing information such as results of investigations and treatment preferences, which will help avoid unnecessary follow up consultations. Whilst every reasonable step will be taken to ensure information is securely transmitted, please note that no email exchange is 100% secure.
  • If you choose to communicate by email, please provide an email address that is secure & cannot be accessed by third parties, such as work colleagues or family members.
  • Mr Prabhudesai would also like to have feedback from you about the overall quality of care you receive, in order to continually improve the service. You could provide this by emailing the team at:
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to discuss these at your consultation.

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